March, 2023
Please contact us for information on next litter. Looking for buyers that will train in some kind of dog sport.

December, 2022
Next litter planed for the late Spring of 2023. Please contact us for further information on breeding partners, titles, health test results. Looking for active people that will train in dog sport.

September 15, 2017
Next breeding in February 2018

April 27, 2017
Expecting puppies from Adlercrest Mirko v. Koepsel and Ynez v. Adlercrest

January 28, 2017
Freddiemercury v. Dragonerreiche and Linda Calamia achieved IPO III degree and High in Trial.

September 17, 2016
Congratulations to Susan Thirlwell and Cean v. Adlercrest for obtaining their BH.

Cean and Susan
Cean and Susan

May 21, 2016
Congratulations to Wen Fredericks and Birgitta v. Adlercrest "Coco" for achieving their BH.

Birgitta v. Adlercrest
Birgitta "Coco" v. Adlercrest

April 8, 2016
"H" Litter: Freddiemercury v. Dragonerreiche x Ammida v. Adlercrest

April 6, 2016
Ammida vom Adlercrest
- new female in 'present' gallery

March 31, 2016
Puppies due from Freddiemercury v. Dragonerreiche x Ynez v. Adlercrest

March 5, 2016
Ynez vom Adlercrest and Linda Calamia achieved their BH at the Coast Schutzhund Club Trial under DVG judge Harmut Beckman

Diedre vom Adlercrest and Tom Curran achieved their BH at the Coast Schutzhund Club Trial under DVG judge Harmut Beckman

Yoshi von Adlercrest
Diedre von Adlercrest

March, 2016
Ynez vom Adlercrest - new female in 'present' gallery

January 2016
Next breeding planned for February 2016.

February, 1st 2015
Uniquestar's Eva vom Adlercrest achieved her IPO I at the
Coast Schutzhund Club trial. High Schutzhund I.

December, 29th 2015
Puppies due from Freddiemercury vom Draggonreiche IPO II
and Uniquestar's Eva vom Adlercrest IPO I

August 2014
The D Litter puppies from Freddiemercury v. Draggonreiche IPO II and Wynona v. Adlercrest BH are due August 25, 2014.

March 9, 2014
Rick De Jesus and Yoshi v. Adlercrest (Kato) obtained their BH at the G.S.S.C.
club trial under Judge Nathaniel Roque. Good Job!

Yoshi von Adlercrest
Rick De Jesus and Yoshi v. Adlercrest (Kato)

March, 2014
Expecting puppies from Freddiemercury v. Dragonerreiche and Uniquestar's Eva v. Adlercrest

October, 2013
Congratulations to Mike Gisseman and Yiska v. Adlercrest for achieving their BH at the 2013 DPCA Fall Classic

Yiska v. Adlercrest


July 2013
The sire of of our next litter Freddiemercury v. Dragonerreich has passed IPO-II

June 29, 2012
Susan Thirlwell and Bingo vom Adlercrest (Yoki) obtained their IPO I at the Saskatoon S.K. under judge Dave Grant. Good luck on your IPO II in Alaska!

Susan and Bingo

June 2013
Puppies due July 31, 2013 from Freddiemercury v. Dragonerreich x Wynona v.Adlercrest

May 2012
Uniquestar's Eva v. Adlercrest - updated

October 2011
Rick de Jesus and Wynona v. Adlercrest completed their BH at the Golden State Schutzhund Club Trial.

June 18,2011
Congratulations to Strom vom Adlercrest SchH III and Dean Rutty. Dean and Strom took High Obedience, High SchH III, and High in Trial at the York Region Schutzhund Club in Ontario, Canada.

December, 2010
Puppies from Eiko Vom Landgraf and Unita Vom Adlercrest are whelped on 10th December 2010. There are 4 black males and 5 black females

September, 2010
Next litter is from Orson vom Adlercrest x Rubina vom Adlercrest, due October 9, 2010

June 12, 2010
Congratulations to Dean Rutty and Strom vom Adlercrest for obtaining their SchH II at the York Region Schutzhund Trial in Ontario, Canada.

Oct. 3, 2009
Congratulations to Strom vom Adlercrest and Dean Rutty. SchH I at the Durham Schutzhund Club under Judge Nikki Banfield.

Aug. 21, 2009
Congratulations to Bingo vom Adlercrest (AKA “Yoki”) and Susan Thirlwell. BH at the Yukon Schutzhund Assn. under Judge Lance Collins.

August 2009
Next litter will be available Winter 2009/2010

June 2009
W litter due June 29, 2009 from Arkan Kazimir von Rubenhof x Unita vom Adlercrest

May 16, 2009
Congratulations to Ninah vom Adlercrest and Lyn Hunter. TR III with a 96 at the Durham Schutzhund Club under Judge Rinus Bastiaansen.

May 2009
Our V-litter has been sold. Please contact us about our W-Litter. We will be using the same sire.

March 2009
V litter from Arkan Kazimir v.Rubenhof x Rubina v.Adlercrest due April 13, 2009

January 2009
New presentations in "Present" gallery: Rubina v. Adlercrest

December 2008
Rubina v. Adlercrest passed her BH

December 2008
Toska v. Adlercrest (Sasha) passed her BH. Congratulations to Aimee Bullock & Sasha!

August 2008
2 New presentations in "Present" gallery: Ninah vom Adlercrest and
Uniquestar's Eva v. Adlercrest

May 10, 2008
Strom vom Adlercrest - owned by Dean Rutty, earned his BH. He received a nice trophy for going High BH which was a nice achievement since this is his first dog and he competed against several experienced handlers.

March 8, 2008
Ninah vom Adlercrest - owned by Lyn Hunter, earned her SchH I with "pronounced" in protection.

Litter due March 6, 2008
Orson vom Adlercrest and Elke vom Adlercrest, blacks and browns expected for work or show. Contact us for health information and photos. Pups staying in North America will be cropped and docked.

November 2007
Quintessa v. Adlercrest, SchH III

November 2007
vom Adlercrest V-litter due early February 2008.

October 2007
Ninah v. Adlercrest TR II

April 2007
Quintessa v. Adlercrest, SchH II

Sept. 2006
Aibo v. Adlercrest TR III

Sept. 2006
Ninah v. Adlercrest TRI 100 pts. High Tracking

Sept. 2006
Fredo v. Adlercrest VPG I

Dec. 2006
Quintessa v. Adlercrest (aka Java) SchH I

Dec. 2006
Godwin V. Bayrischen Lowen arrives in California

November, 2006
Adlercrest Dobermann Kennel is happy to announce a collaboration with vom Norden Stamm Dobermann Kennel. Our Winter 2007 litters will carry the suffix of both kennel names.

September, 2006
U-litter is placed, next litter due 2007 in Feburary

July, 2006
Pups born 17. July : 4 males, 3 females from Fredo v. Adlercrest x Amida v. Adlercrest

June, 2006
Summer Litter due July 19, 2006: Fredo v. Adlercrest x Amida v. Adlercrest

February, 2006
T-litter Born 2/24/2006: 3 Black Males, 3 Brown Males, 3 Brown Females

October, 2005
Bryan v. Adlercrest BH under judge Rudolph Meitzner

October, 2005
Bryan v. Adlercrest TDI. Bryan passed his certification for Therapy Dog.

October, 2005
Aibo v. Adlercrest TD with the CKC

October, 2005
The next litter will be this winter, sire and dam are to be announced later.

September, 2005
Bryan v. Adlercrest (Jeddah) CD. Bryan completed all three legs of his CD in one weekend and placed in the ribbons all 3 days

September, 2005
Aibo v. Adlercrest TR III. V rated with a 96 under judge Doug Deacon.

September, 2005
Pups are available from Amida vom Adlercrest and Fredo vom Adlercrest. Brown males and black females available. Litter is three weeks old

August, 2005
Aibo v. Adlercrest TR II

July, 2005
Aibo v. Adlercrest TR I Canadian Regionals. First dog in GSSCC to achieve a tracking title

July, 2005
Fredo v. Adlercrest SchH A

April, 2005
Amida v. Adlercrest TR III

April, 2005
Quintessa v. Adlercrest (Java) BH



~ ~ ~ 2004 ~ ~ ~

October, 2004
Bryan vom Adlercrest passed the ATT test trained and handled by Laurie Kraynick.

October, 2004
Ouzie vom Adlercrest achieved his BH trained and handled by Dean Richardson.

August, 2004
Ninah vom Adlercrest achieved her BH trained and handled by Lyn Hunter.

June, 2004
Bryan vom Adlercrest – AKA “Jeddah” passed his Working Aptitude Evaluation handled and trained by Laurie Kraynick.

April, 2004
Hargos vom Adlercrest shown by Kathy Roldan went BOB and received his Panamanian Championship.

May 20, 2004
Aibo v. Adlercrest BH, FH x Athena v. Karat SchH III, CAC, CACIB
Puppies due May 20, 2004.



~ ~ ~ 2003 ~ ~ ~

Isha Isaba v. Adlercrest Estonia, Ex. 1, CAC, Best Female, BOB, Estonian, Baltic CH.

Isha Isaba v. Adlercrest Braslav – Belorussia, Ex. 1, CAC, Best Brown Female, Best Female, BOB, BIG, BIS III, Belorussia CH. At 2 years old Isha now has all the young dog and adult CH. Titles in the Baltic region.

Hargos v. Adlercrest places 1st in Panamanian Obedience Competition.
Iraina v. Adlercrest places 3rd at the same competition in Panama.

Cammie v. Adlercrest achieved her BH title

Jetta v. Adlercrest achieved her BH title.
Hector v. Adlercrest achieved his BH title

Xjivago v. Adlercrest passed his first trial towards his CDX title with a 1st place score.

Hargos v. Adlercrest, Panama—places 1st in Obedience competition.

Fredo v. Adlercrest achieved his BH title.

Hargos v. Adlercrest, Panama - - BOB and BIS x 2 and Reserve BIS once picking up his CAC’s and CACIB’s

2 winter litters are planned for 2003/04, information to be announced in November.

May 18
Laurie Kraynick and Bryan v. Adlercrest, aka "Jeddah" make their debut, entering the obedience ring for the first time and also earning their first title, a CGC. Good job!

May 17
Katherine Roldan and Iraina Ivanna v. Adlercrest graduated with top scores from National K-9 Academy in Ohio. Iraina was the only dog in the class to complete the entire course, which included obedience, protection work, advanced tracking, service dog training, etc. Congratulations to them both!

May 17
Hector v. Adlercrest passed his BH in Florida. Congratulations Hector and Deb!

May 1
Isha Isaba v. Adlercrest. At a show in Kaliningrad, Russia Isha is 1/1, CW, CAC, Best Female, BOB, and RFSS Champion. Congratulations!

March 15
Isha Isaba v. Adlercrest. IAt a show in Riga, Latvia she is 1/1, CQ, and CAC

Adlercrest Marko v. Koepsel x Athena v. Karat: puppies due June 3, 2003
Touchdown Tsar v. Adlercrest x Amida v. Adlercrest: puppies due June 18, 2003

February, 8th
Amida v. Adlercrest is now SchH II after only 4 weeks of training.

Unita Vom Adlercrest











~ ~ ~ 2002 ~ ~ ~

November, 23
Amida v. Adlercrest made her Schutzhund I with 78-92-93p. She was also High Score SchH I

November, 23
Isha Isaba v. Adlercrest was shown for the first time in the Intermediate Class of the CACIB show in Riga, LV.
She placed Ex. 3, CQ. Very nice for her first showing!! Congratulations!!

November, 3
Congratulations to Xjivago v. Adlercrest on earning his CD degree.

October, 2002

New picture - Gallery 3

August, 2002
Zonsierraz Zorina (daughter of Jean Dark Fidji-Fuirinus and Adlercrest-Schwarzwache Via) passed the Swedish Korning with 237 points (2nd highest score ever for bitches) and then went Best in Show at the 2002 Swedish Dobermann Club show in Stockholm. A big congratulations to Arne and Veronica Bjornebye!!

August, 2002
Isha Isaba passes her BH (breed survey) with the highest points.

July, 2002
Aibo v. Adlercrest took a break from training to do some movie work in Canada. Watch for him in a movie called "Bullet Proof Monk".

July, 2002
Isha Isaba v. Adlercrest is Latvian Youth Winner and Best Brown Female. She now has achieved the titles of Jr. Champion for Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Baltic Jr. CH.

June, 2002
Athena obtains her SchH III title.

June, 2002
Isha Isaba v. Adlercrest is Luthuanian Youth Winner and Best Junior.

May, 2002
CAYA Deidre (co-owned by vom Turmhaus and Adlercrest) wins CAC in Portugal. Congratulations Carlos!

April, 2002
Isha Isaba v. Adlercrest is Latvian Youth Winner and second best 9 monhs old. Isha is owned by Kennel Gem Givveeon in Latvia.

April, 2002
Hargos v. Adlercrest wins Best of Breed and Group 4 in Panama at 13 months old. Hargos is owned by vom Kavamont kennel in Panama. Congratulations Kathy!

March , 2002
Athena v. Karat obtains her SchH II title.

March 2nd, 2002
Athena obtains her SchH II at Coast Schutzhund Club (DVG).

March 1st, 2002
Carlo vom Adlercrest earns his WH title at Coast Schutzhund Club. Congratulations to Diane Eisenhardt and Carlo!

February, 1st , 2002
Armin/Cocochanel puppies. 3 black males, 2 brown males, 2 brown females.

January, 2002
Hargos vom Adlercrest earns his first CAC towards his Panamanian championship.

January, 2002

Armin x Cocochanel pups due.

January, 2002
New look of our site and new address:

January, 2002
Tsar x Gilda puppies whelped.


~ ~ ~ 2001 ~ ~ ~


June, 2001     Great Achievement!
Armin did his IPO and went High in Trial.

June, 2001    Great Win!
Armin went V-1 RCAC at the Portuguese Doberman Specialty
Coco went V-4

June, h 2001    Great Win!
Athena goes WB at the UDC National conformation show.

June, 2001    Great Win!
Armin goes WD and BOB at the UDC National conformation show.

May, 2001    New Titles!
Armin and Athena both earn their UDC ZtP's under Judge Avi Marshak with V-1A!

March, 2001    Great Achievement!
CocoChanel goes BOB over champions in Portugal, for the CAC and CACIB!

February, 2001    New Title!
Armin earns his SchH II at Lake Matthews SchH Club with 97-75-90 P under SV judge!

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