Uniquestar's Eva v. Adlercrest, whelped 5/8/2008
(Godwin vom Bayrischen Lowen x Unique Star’s Black Be Lonely)

Eva arrived in California on July 17 At 10 weeks old. She is a descendant of Alida, Amida, and Azura v. Flandrischen Lowen through frozen semen sent to Australia in 1991. Her grandmother, Roseard Black Star was imported from Australia to Norway. Now Eva comes back to Adlercrest and thus completes the circle, thanks to Alf Skaar and Siri Farestvedt of kennel Unique Star
and Hege Berteussen.

  • IPO 1
  • OFA Good
  • VWD Carrier
  • Cardio Echo Clear
  • C.E.R.F
  • Thyroid Normal

Godwin vom Bayrischen Lowen Ilane Darafal Don Dayan Darafal
Loara de Villa Castelli
Caluna von Donarius Ninjo vom Norden Stamm
Quallas vom Norden Stamm
Unique Star’s Black Be Lonely Norseman’s Khan Jacques van Roveline
Karma vom Norden Stamm
Rosearde Black Star Vonzennith Kane
Falina vom Norden Stamm


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