The History of Adlercrest Kennels


Our Emblem - the German word for eagle is "Adler". The Dobermanns at Adlercrest have the Look of Eagles!
The Past
We purchased our first Doberman in 1971 as a family pet and household protector. We had no idea that this seeminglyinsignificant event would blossom into an all consuming passion.

We took "Kaiser" to a basic obedience class and discovered that he really enjoyed it. Kaiser obtained his Utility Dog Degree from AKC and thoroughly enjoyed Scent Hurdle Racing.

Training Kaiser and going to obedience trials exposed us to the wonderful world of dogs. We set our sights higher and purchased a show quality bitch. She was a lovely bitch but hated showing, so we switched to obedience and she did well. Unfortunately she died at a young age due to a liver problem.

We purchased a dog and bitch from a top show kennel. They both did well at the shows and finished their championships. Both were multiple Best Of Breed winners. However, they seemed to be missing the boldness, attitude and protectiveness that I had seen in my first Dobes. They had the conformation that we wanted, but they lacked the true Doberman temperament.

The Start of Something Big
For several years we had been making trips to Europe and we were impressed with the European Dobermans we saw. In 1986 we took the plunge and brought CH Amida v. Flandrischen Löwen, SchH III to America. The rest is history...

Amida was a great ambassador for the working Doberman. She was both a wonderful, friendly house dog and a tough, no-nonsense working dog. She could size up any situation and react appropriately.

A Big Thank You
Adlercrest owes a huge debt of gratitude to Jens & Alison Kollenberg for their help, advice and generosity. We are extremely appreciative of Elina Jarvinen & Esa Elo, Falke Lotborn and Heinz & Heike Grimm, whose generosity enabled us to acquire our "V" rated foundation stock.

Our Vision
Amida is the type of Doberman that Adlercrest strives to produce. In her pedigree you will find some of the most famous show dogs and working dogs that Europe produced. By judiciously linebreeding and occasionally outcrossing we strive to produce a dog that has it all. Quite often we ship our bitches to Europe for breeding. The dogs at Adlercrest are 100% European.

Our Puppies
We routinely health test all breeding stock. We temperament test our puppies at 7 weeks of age. We have frozen semen collected on Adlercrest Danzig, Falko de los Valientes, Pelangistamm Armin, Adlercrest Mirko (and Marko) v. Koepsel.

Adlercrest Dobermans can be found all over the world... in conformation shows and Schutzhund competitions. Several of our dogs have competed at the International FCI Working Championships. Adlercrest Dobermans are utilized as search dogs, arson detection dogs, police K-9's, agility and obedience competitors and therapy dogs. Their favorite spot though, is curled up on the couch, next to you!


We do not condone or support the breeding of the white/albino Doberman as it is a genetic mutation.


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